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Every day, one billion straws become garbage worldwide. Along with other plastics, most of these straws end up in the ocean. Unfortunately, Vietnam is ranked the 4th worst plastic polluter in the world. The Cinnamon Hotel and Mint Café want to help the environment by making a small difference, and switching to bamboo straws.

The facts about plastic are staggering. It's hard to imagine what one billion straws look like, but try and picture this: if you laid this amount of straws end to end, they would circle the Earth five times - every day! If our plastic use does not change, scientists estimate there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. For more information about  plastic use, and its effects on the environment, see our infographic page.

At the Cinnamon Hotel and Mint Café, we recognize that we have an important role to play. We want to be a role model and make the switch from single-use plastics (these are items we only use once, then throw away - for example, plastic water bottles, take away cups, and straws) to environmentally-friendly alternatives, or even better, zero waste. Learn how we're making this change in practice at our hotel and restaurant.

We have a long way to go, but think we have a good first step: the bamboo straw! Bamboo is a truly incredible material that can be used for everything from building materials, to clothing, to household items, and even bicycles. Found across Vietnam, bamboo is a local material we can be proud of. We've even thought of our top ten reasons why we think bamboo can change the world.

But our vision doesn't stop at reducing the number of single-use plastic straws - read more about the bigger picture of our project, and be inspired by our photo gallery to make your own change.

Finally, the finished product - the bamboo straws themselves. They last for years, make excellent gifts, support real people, and use local materials. Thank you for reading our story!


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