How to make a booking

How to make a booking

1. Call the hotel directly and speak to the front desk (+84) 28 39 260 130. 

2. Visit our our website: Cinnamon Hotel

Step 1: Provide your information

The hotel room can be reserved online through the hotel website. You need to provide basic information about yourself for the booking, such as your travel date, rooms, guests (adult or children)

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Step 2: Choose a room type 

Step 3: Click if you need an extra service (Tour, Airport transfer,...)


Step 4: Fill in registration form by your detail


Extra info:

Take note your special reqquest

We have no elevator, please tell us if you need a low floor room

Step 5: Click to choose Payment methods and agree with the terms and conditions7

Step 6: Process Payment

Enter your card information then click "Process Payment" to complete


Thanks for choosing Cinnamon Hotel!



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