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It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Cinnamon Hanoi Hotel. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure you will find our hotel comfortable and enjoyable.

Just a few steps away from the historic Hoan Kiem Lake and in a wonderful panoramic position you will find the Cinnamon Hotel, run with an eye on the environment.

Arts & Crafts in Hanoi

Crafts & Arts

Vietnam is a multi-nationality country with  54 ethnic groups. The Viet (Kinh) people account for 87% of the country’s population and mainly inhabit the Red River delta, the central coastal delta, the Mekong delta and major cities. The remaining  53 ethnic minority groups, of over 8 million people, are scattered over mountain areas (covering two-thirds of the country’s territory) spreading from the North to the South..  

Tribal Sfuffs
Textiles, as clothing, are perhaps the most personal of possessions. In tribal societies, their importance is magnified many times, especially for women. It is a means of expression and of communication.
• They proclaim an individual’s identity:
Tribe, clan, hometown, gender, age, marital status, social status, wealth.
• They attest to allegiance- to the group, to tradition.
• That status can translate in “marriagability”

In many tribal groups in Viet Nam, these traditions have changed little in a century (as documented by comparing photographs taken a century apart). Wearing traditional dress is both an honor and a responsibility—every woman, every day, all day. It is more than pageantry; it is history and it is Identity.

The presence of shamans is a characteristic of virtually every tribal society. There are as many different “job descriptions” as there are peoples. A given grpoup will look to the shaman for some mix of roles: priest, healer, communicator to the world of spirits, fortune-teller, creator of good luck and repeller of evil, etc. All this require a complex panoply of tools (plus the “manuals” to use them.) We have them all:
• Robes and crowns
• Masks, both wooden and mulberry paper

Craft Link
43 Van Mieu St., Hanoi

54 Traditions Gallery
(previously Connoisseurs Choice Collections)
Address: 30 Hang Bun, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (84) 4 715 0194

Lan Vietnamese Handicraft
38 Au Trieu, Hanoi

From Hoan Kiem it is a five-minute stroll down Trang Tien (pronounced “chang tee en”) to the characterful Opera House that dominates the much-photographed landmark square or, rather, roundabout. Motorcycles buzz like hornets and of an evening a newlywed couple will turn up to be immortalised in front of this gracious building. Trang Tien is itself an interesting street packed with a crop of funky art galleries and bookstores, should you need one. A big, well-stocked bookshop is Thang Long (55 Trang Tien). Or try the Bookshop (41 Trang Tien). Close by is the Music Shop (though its Vietnamese name is different, 29 Trang Tien Street). Here, in a small room that doubles as a CD shop and motorbike parking lot, you'll find DVD movies for 18,000 dong (pronounced "zong"), innumerable music CDs and pirated software for D10,000. For some reason, Vietnamese music CDs are a tad more expensive at D40,000 or so. Close to the Opera House is the delightful Chi Vang store (17 Trang Tien) that stocks a pleasing collection of silk embroidered fabrics put to different uses. Gauzy eye-catching wine bottle presentation wraps are US$5, stylish linen bathrobes US$99, and velvet blankets, should you be so inclined,

Art Galleries 
40B Hang Bong St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 043 828-8965
Art Gallery
Hoan Kiem District
Apricot Gallery displays works by the country's most famous contemporary artists. Even if you have no intention of shelling out thousands
of dollars for a painting, this beautiful gallery is still worth visiting and will give you a great introduction to modern Vietnamese art.
51 Hang Gai St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 043 826-7116
Art Gallery
Hoan Kiem District
 Co Xanh (Green Palm Gallery) is the top end of souvenir art galleries, with a good selection of paintings by graduates of the Hanoi Fine Arts College. Prices are determined by the stature of the painter and size of the piece but can easily run into the hundreds of dollars. Mr. Ha, the easygoing owner, is very reputable and speaks excellent English.
13 Trang Tien St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 043 934-4433
Art Gallery
Hoan Kiem District
Hanoi Studio houses works by many of Vietnam's well-known and up-and-coming contemporary artists. The manager, Ms. Hang, speaks good English and is very informative.
3B Phan Huy Chu St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 043 825-1225
Art Gallery
Hoan Kiem District
Mai Gallery, which is down an alley, is run by the daughter of Vietnam's leading art critic, Duong Tuong. It is largely a showcase for Hanoi painters and is very popular with serious collectors.
71A Nguyen Du St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 043 822-9064
Art Gallery
Hai Ba Trung District
Red River Gallery is the gallery that put the Gang of Five painters -- Ha Tri Hieu, Hong Viet Dung, Dang Xuan Hoa, Pham Quang Vinh, and Tran Luong -- on the map. Red River exhibits the most established Vietnamese artists and is a must-see for serious art collectors willing to shell out thousands of dollars.
30 Hang Bong St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 043 826-1387
Art Gallery
Hoan Kiem District
 Salon Natasha, the avant-garde hub of Hanoi's art scene, is run by a Russian expatriate and her husband, artist Vu Dan Tan. It exhibits and sells some of the most provocative art in Vietnam today. Natasha, a respected and trusted art dealer, sells painted vases and unframed oil paintings by well-known artists at reasonable prices.
15 Hang Buom St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 043 826-9480
Art Gallery
Hoan Kiem District
Trang An Gallery, housed in a gorgeous colonial-era structure, is an impressive, well-designed gallery with three rooms and a courtyard. The gallery hosts regular exhibits of the latest paintings and avant-garde installations of Vietnam's internationally recognized young artists.
25-27 Trang Tien St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 043 825-1532
Art Gallery
Hoan Kiem District
 Van Gallery, near the Opera House, carries a good selection of high-end souvenir art, plus some works by Hanoi's big-name painters.

Guest of the month

Cinnamon Hotel , amazing, wonderful location, friendliest, most helpful staff ever !

Date:  21 July 15

The Cinnamon Hotel in Ho Chi Minh city is amazing. The best experience of our travels in Asia. This small hotel is in a wonderful location - walking distance to everything including great markets, restaurants, bars and tourist attractions. The staff - wow - cannot say enough about Sony and his staff. The friendliest, most helpful staff ever ! 5 Star service in a green boutique hotel!

Even when we were not staying in the Cinnamon hotel ( full one night ) the staff arranged our bus to the beach, and offered us a space to store our luggage and take a shower! The rooms are very nice with balconies, comfortable beds, AC. The food and drinks ( included in the price ) were wonderful - banana wrapped pancakes and crepes for breakfast ( plus coffee, soup, eggs ).

When you include the food , drinks and SERVICE - this hotel is a bargain. It deserves the top Trip Advisor rating.

Its great to have friends in Ho Chi Minh ----- Sony, Phan and all the staff are now new best friends!



  • Great location. Stayed here one week. Service was exceptional. Happy Breakfast was great, food outstanding. The staff was SUPER! They were more than helpful in every way. We will stay here again when we come back.
  • Wonderful wonderful staff at a lovely hotel in great. I could not give this hotel enough credit.The staff were like family within 24 hours.They couldn't do enough and all the gorgeous personal touches they did for us.Loved it!
  • Excellent service and engagement from the Vietnamese staff. They were the highlight of our stay. Tastefully renovated interiors with large rooms and colonial features. Streetscape not brilliant, but a comfortable walk to most tourist destinations. Would definitely recommend as a boutique hotel experience in Ho Chi Minh.

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