Great stay at Cinnamon Hotel

My wife and I stayed here for four nights and couldn't have been happier with our choice in hotel. We prearranged transportation through the hotel from the airport. The driver had a nice sports utility vehicle with good A/C. Once at the hotel we were warmly greeted by Jenny and others. They provided us with some nice welcome drinks and wet face cloths. 

We stayed on the fourth floor but the staff carried all of our luggage for us. We were celebrating a special occasion and the staff was super excited just as we were. They decorated our room with towel swans, flower pedals, a balloon, and a really nice hand drawn and written card. 

The breakfast at the hotel was really good. Really good! The hotel also gives two free cocktails and free foot massage as well. 

The location was great and we walked most places but taxis are really cheap. 

The staff....I cannot express how nice and helpful the staff are. My wife saw a food vendor on a television show in the USA and really wanted to find that specific old lady selling "ban chu nu". We had a very short video clip of the show and did not have an address or anything. We showed it to Jenny and others and Jenny became so excited because she recognized the place. It was about a 15-20 drive from the hotel and she flagged down a taxi and went with us to find the vendor! It was like a treasure hunt and we found the vendor. Sadly she had already closed for the day and did not get to enjoy the dessert. We were just amazed and really thankful the staff was willing to go above and beyond in an effort to make my wife happy. 

Great rooms though and nice bathrooms. Very comfortable beds. They also have a shower down stairs for guest to use if they have a really late fight or departure from Saigon. We both used this since we didn't want to depart for Japan on an overnight flight all sweaty after exploring Saigon all day.

Awesome stay. Will hopefully be able to visit again in the future.


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